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31 maggio 2022 termine ultimo per la consegna dei progetti partecipanti

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Online Workshop “Quantum Lectures 2022 – ad memoriam of Carlo Novero”

This event, organized by INRIM and the Universities of Turin and Bari with the support of the European Metrology Network for Quantum Technologies, will be held online in the period 24-26 May 2022, as an alternative to the 2022 edition of the traditional “Quantum 20XX” conference series in Torino, postponed due to pandemic limitations to traveling.

This workshop will consist of a short series of keynote lectures given by distinguished scientists in the Quantum Foundations, Information and Metrology & Sensing fields. The purpose of the event, particularly addressed to Ph.D. students and postdocs, is to give an overview on the latest and most exciting results from leading scientists working in these interconnected research areas, especially in the quantum optics framework, favoring the exchange of ideas and discussion.

The program of the event, together with all the other information and the registration form, are available at the website:


The event is completely free of charge (registration required, deadline 18th May 2022).

A special issue of the International Journal of Quantum Information, collecting papers related to the workshop, will be published.  If you wish to contribute to this special issue by submitting an original manuscript, please go to the IJQI submission page and, when required, select the section/category “Quantum Lectures”. The deadline for the submission is 15th September 2022.

 28-marzo 20:00-22:30 QUANTUM NIGHT:  Una serata con musica e rinfresco per dialogare di tecnologie quantistiche

I conduttori della trasmissione Uovo Sodo podcast, prodotto da RKH, intervistano in diretta due ricercatori dell’università di Torino e dell’Istituto Nazionale di Ricerca Metrologica.

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  • Paolo Olivero[/showhide]

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  • Marco Gramegna
  • Marco Genovese [/showhide]